1st Annual Western Connecticut Farm crawl

  • Sunday August 2nd from 9am - 3pm

What is a Farm Crawl?

The Farm Crawl is a big open house at several area farms.

A Farm Crawl is a way for you to personally experience the best of what Western CT agriculture has to offer directly from the people that are offering it.

From 9am to 3pm on Sunday August 2nd participating farms will have their doors open and invite you to visit them on the farm. You can try to visit all the farms in one day, you can pick only the farms of interest to you, or you can pick a few this year knowing that you will visit the rest throught the rest of the season or at next year's Farm Crawl.

Day of:

On the day of the Farm Crawl you are free to come and go on any of the participating farms. To keep it organized, all farms that offer guided tours will be doing so on the hour, ever hour. Inbetween those "on the hour" tours you are free to travel between farms, do a self-guided tour of the farm, or sit back, relax, and take in the bucolic landscape.

What farms are involved?

Why are we doing this?

The New Milford Farmers' Market is celebrating 25 years of providing high quality food to the community.

We could not think of any better way to celbrate than to open our doors and invite you over for a look into the livesof the people who are producing your food. 


New Milford Youth Agency

Plow to Plate