Thank You for your interest in joining our market. Please read the regulations and our market application.All Applications must be received by January 31st.

New Milford Farmer's Market Association Regulations

The New Milford Farmers’ Market, an association of farmers and Connecticut producers of value added products and baked goods, (referred to henceforth as the “Market”) operates every Saturday from the Saturday before Mother's Day in May and ends at a time to be determined by the members, but no sooner than the last Saturday in October.  A list of current members and contact information is attached. In this document, the term "Members" refers to those vendors who have been voted in as permanent vendors. The term "Vendors" applies both to members as well as first season provisional vendors and employees of members.

The Market operates in accordance with all Town of New Milford, State of Connecticut, and Federal regulations and laws pertaining to its operation. The mission of the Market is to provide New Milford and the surrounding area with locally grown foods and related value added farm products, and to attract people to the downtown area. The Market is focused on locally grown produce and farm products from Connecticut.

Market Operations

Market Hours: Market hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Vendors may arrive as early as 8:00 a.m. All vendors must wait until 9:00 a.m. to begin selling to the public. All vendors must depart the selling area no later than 12:30 p.m.

Market Location: north end of the green in New Milford CT. The Market site is provided by the Town of New Milford but the Market is not run by the town, but by the association members.

Market Governance and General Rules

All agricultural products sold through the Market are grown in Connecticut. All products must be grown or produced on each vendor’s land, property, bakery, or kitchen, which is owned or leased by the vendor in Connecticut. No out-of-state baked goods or out-of-state products of any kind are allowed for sale at the Market.

In cases where a product is desired but in short supply by the current vendors, an exception may be made with the consent of the majority of members on a case-by-case basis, to bring a product to the market which is not produced on their farm, but will in all cases, still be CT grown.

All votes by members in the conduction of business will be based on the “one farm – one vote” rule.

All vendors are required to display the name and location of their business, must represent their products in an honest manner, and must conduct themselves in a courteous, honest, and professional manner.  Shirts and shoes are required. All vendors need to abide by local and state Health Department Regulations.  A local health permit must be obtained if sampling food at the farmers market

All scales must be certified with a Connecticut Department of Weights and Measures seal.

All prices must be clearly marked. Prices are established by the vendor.   All Connecticut state sales taxes are the responsibility of the individual vendors.  A copy of the current retail sales certificate must be filed with the Market Master

WIC certification is required for those who are eligible, according to State rules. WIC checks will be accepted at the Market only for items allowed by the Dept of Agriculture.

All vendors are responsible for setting up, closing down, leaving their site in the condition in which they found it and taking their personal trash off-premises. Vendors are also responsible for providing their own tent or equivalent coverage to protect their products from the elements. Any required refrigeration is the responsibility of the vendor.

There are no refunds or credits for inclement weather - the market takes place rain or shine.

Only vendors who have applied to become vendors and been given approval prior to the opening day may sell at the market.

The Market Master maintains current and accurate records of each vendor. Serious issues committed by a vendor may be presented to the members for consideration and resolution.

The Market Master, or designees of the Market Master have the authority to issue warnings and take action against participating vendors who violate the regulations contained in this document.  

Elections for Market Master and other officers takes place at the annual meeting, which occurs in late February, or early March.

Vendor Requirements

Applications for participation in the Market are available from any current vendor and will be reviewed and voted upon at the annual meeting.  We are specifically interested in Agricultural products that will enhance the variety offered at the Market, and reserve the right to limit the number of vendors offering the same products as the market currently provides.  The Market Association Application must be received by February 15 to be considered for the following summer's market.  

Our Market fees and ending date are determined at the Annual Meeting; any prospective new vendors (and their products to be sold) are evaluated by the current members, but the prospective vendors do not attend this meeting.     

If approved, new vendors are provisional vendors for the first season, and must pay their dues prior to the opening market in May.  After the first season, the members at the following annual meeting vote on whether to extend permanent membership status to the provisional vendors.


Steps to be taken to be considered for Membership are:

Fill out and sign a vendor application, which includes a crop plan and list of all products that will be sold at the market and submit these to the Market Master. The Application form is attached. Crop plans are available at

Agree to all terms contained in this document by signing the attached agreement form.

Hold all required permits, licenses, and insurance policies necessary for their business operation and provide copies to the Market Master.

Obtain and maintain a business farm liability insurance policy for at least $300,000. A copy of the certificate of insurance listing the New Milford Farmer's Market as Additional Insured must be filed with the Market Master before participating in the market.

Applications can be returned to Maria or Vince LaFontan, Mountain View Farm, at the market or mailed to Lisa Agee c/o Goatboy Soaps, 1 Murphy’s Way, New Milford, CT 06776.










New Milford Farmers’ Market Vendors Agreement


Agreement made this _____ day of ______________ 20     , between the undersigned and the New Milford Farmers’ Market, fully and completely states the agreement between the undersigned at the New Milford Farmers’ Market.

Agreement to abide by the New Milford Farmers’ Market regulations:

I have received and read a copy of, and agree to abide by, the New Milford Farmers’ Market regulations.

The information I have provided in my application is accurate and complete. I will provide the New Milford Farmers’ Market Master with additional information, as needed, to verify the claims made by my application and my compliance with the New Milford Farmers’ Market regulations. The information I subsequently provide will likewise be accurate and complete.

I agree to allow a representative from the New Milford Farmers Market or Connecticut Department of Agriculture to inspect my farm or business on an as-needed basis as part of this agreement.


Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ________________

Printed name: ____________________________________________________________

Farm/business name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

 Town: __________________________________ State: _________ Zip: ______________









Application to become a Vendor at the New Milford Farmer's Market

Farmer's Markets are built on a strong foundation of trust and collaboration. We hope you apply with these ideals in mind and do everything possible to uphold the integrity of the New Milford Farmer's Market.

Vendor name: ____________________________________________________________

Farm/business name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

 Town: __________________________________ State: _________ Zip: ______________

Which of the following best describes your operation? (check all that apply)

€      Fruit and Vegetable Producer

€      Value-Added Agricultural Producer

€      Prepared Foods

€      Diary or Livestock Producer

€      Bakery

€      Fishery

€      Horticulturalist

€      Other-describe                  

Please list the items you plan to sell at the market:_______________________________________________________________________________


Time Period of Intended Participation :

€      May

€      June

€      July

€      August

€      September

€      October

€      November

Attach crop plan to this application-see the CT Dept of Agriculture website for updated Farmer's Market  Info.